Spiritual Life

A New Generation Of Ministry

After serving in fulltime ministry for nearly 40 years, I have recently sensed a strong nudge from the Lord to begin seriously mentoring a new generation (and old). As I look back over the years, I had been mentoring as a school teacher and through my full-time traveling ministry, but I sense intentionality in this season like never before.

Leaving nuggets along the way of truths and lessons learned over the years can help a new generation move forward in a more productive way. We can all advance and release the Kingdom faster and better. Having recently turned the senior leadership of the Omaha HUB over to the next generation has been a true learning curve. I have watched these young men run with a torch in their hands but all the while remembering from where the torch has come. The honor and respect they have demonstrated has spurred me on to this next season.

Let Me Be Your Cheerleader!

We have used the phrase in Christian circles for years, “We want the next generation to stand on our shoulders and go farther!” Now is the time for me to actually put this into lasting effect and with the HUB’s help and support, we are currently traveling down this runway. It has been amazing to observe their skill, strategy, enthusiasm and joy while asking for help and wisdom along the way. My ministry to them is to be the best support system that I can be and their greatest cheerleader.

I would like to invest in your life as well during the next season. I want to be your cheerleader in life and encourage you along the way in your spiritual walk with the Lord. According to Titus 2, the woman is an older, mature Christian woman who teaches and encourages younger women. Her ministry is based on Titus 2:3-5 and she is called, according to the scriptures, by God to make time for this work. She teaches by example in her living and her fear of the Lord.

The Comforter & Teacher

I can remember more than 20 years ago when I heard the call of God to begin my traveling itinerate ministry. As clear as it was, I was still scared and undecided as to how it would look. I remember crying out to God, “Is there not one woman doing what I am called to do? Is there anyone who can teach me and mother me in this?” I even wrote a well-known Bible teacher for help and unfortunately, I never heard a word back. I knew, then, I could only look to one person and that was the person of the Holy Spirit. He promises to be our comforter and our teacher. From that day forward, God and I had many conversations as the Holy Spirit led me and taught me week after week. There is nothing like being instructed by our Holy Spirit. It was the highlight of my walk with the Lord during that season.

I realize today that some of those moments can be shared with others. If you would give me an opportunity to invest in your life through spiritual/life coaching, I would be honored. We are currently developing life packages that will be available in the next few months. Please contact Elizabeth at elisabethtorres@theomahahub.com
for more information, and she will set up your package and appointment. I am excited for YOUR new adventure.

Love, Julaine