Sarah’s Song – Stop Sex Trafficking

Song Information:

    • Lyrics by Julaine Christensen and Sean Keith.
    • Melody by Zach Schinzing.
    • Arranged by Chad Christensen and Sean Keith.
    • Produced by Sean Keith, Omaha, NE.
    • Recorded by Chad Christensen and Zach Schinzing.
    • © 2012 Sarah’s Song, All Rights Reserved.

The story behind Sarah’s Song

Sarah’s Song was inspired by the countless stories I have heard or read over the past several years concerning sex trafficking.  The more I researched this issue and the more statistics I obtained, the greater my passion became to see the world become aware of what is happening right here in the United States and across the world. As my heart was awakened to this injustice, the name Sarah kept coming to my mind. Her name means “princess” and in the book of Genesis in the Bible, it is recorded that Sarah gave birth to Isaac which means “laughter.” I felt that Sarah’s name would become the metaphor for all girls caught and bound in this atrocity and that now is the time for them to give birth to laughter again. Therefore, as I wept over those caught in trafficking, this song was birthed.

Three ways you can help

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If you have been touched by Sarah’s Song, there are three impactful ways you can support Julaine Ministries’ mission to end sex trafficking. PRAY – DONATE – BUY. If you’re interested in sharing your story, please email me at – Your story and information will always be kept confidential. If you would like to share your story on this website, please let me know.