Keep Hope Alive South Sudan

The T-Shirt Story

When I began this new adventure, I was sitting in a coffee shop sharing my transition time with my friend Michelle. She looked at me and said, “Julaine, you are in your golden years. Share what you love and leave a legacy. You are both stylish and a mother in the Lord.” I thought, “I am?”

As we discussed my new site, she reiterated to me that I should have a section on style. I know that I love clothes but never anticipated creating my own line of t-shirts – the very piece of clothing that I almost never wore. But, God had another plan. I was determined to create t-shirts with style and color and one that would also make a declaration of who we are and what we want to say to the world as girls.

I contacted one of my wonderful spiritual daughters, Amy, whom I knew was creating beautiful t-shirt designs. I asked if we could work together on behalf of world missions. From that moment on, Amy and I began our journey with several helpful hints from Michelle. Together we came up with the designs now available here on my site.

I am so excited to announce that the proceeds from these t-shirts will go to Keeping Hope Alive South Sudan and another amazing organization in Egypt helping to spread the Gospel.

The organization in Egypt is special to both Amy and I as her son Caleb will be serving there upon graduating from college this year with a major in Missions. Caleb traveled with Amy and I for years as a little boy on the road in ministry. It was during those adventures that he gave his heart to the Lord.

Keeping Hope Alive

Keep Hope Alive South Sudan has already saved the lives of so many children who were orphaned due to the unrest in South Sudan. Some of their new projects will be the following:

  • A boarding school in a no-conflict zone, amidst South Sudanese refugees, teaching English, math, science, history, art, and leadership, as the decades of war have hindered many from receiving an education.
  • Partnering with local churches to fulfill the great commission of bringing the Gospel of the love of Jesus to every tribe, tongue, and nation. This means planting churches with strong biblical foundations to help build families and future leaders.
  • Community development programs, such as gardening and entrepreneurial business training, encouraging self-sustainability, as approximately 78% of South Sudan’s population is unemployed.
  • Providing basic medical treatment to our community, where many cannot afford medical care for common illnesses and minor injuries.

I pray that you will join me on this new adventure and absolutely enjoy this new t-shirt line. More styles, colors, and phrases will be available soon.