Up, Up and Away!

I arrived at the airport early this morning just so I could take my time, relax and stay organized. If I rush, my organized life takes a turn and I become – well – not in control…rushed and that is not good.

So fully intact, I got a cup of coffee, (you can order my coffee devotional on my site) sat down and just began to check my messages and “people watch.” As I scanned the airport, a tiny (3 ft maybe) older man rushed in front of me. I felt as though Father was giving me a glimpse into the lives of all kinds of “persons of interest” and I thought, “I wonder what his world has been like and what obstacles he has had to face over the years?” I immediately looked at my world and became grateful that I made it to 5′ 3″.

I have always complained about being short.  I am so sorry, Lord.

I looked to my right and observed a group of young people laughing and carrying on oblivious to anyone around them – one girl with a shrieking laugh had bright orange hair and tattoos and I noticed that 4 ethnic groups were represented in that one small group of 4.   My first thought was, “Have they met Jesus?”   Wondered again what life had handed them. I looked at mine and thought, “God, I am so thankful that I chose you in my twenties. You have been so good to me.”

I prayed those unique ones would all find Jesus, if they hadn’t already.

I immediately turned my attention to the flight desk to see when my plane would board and a young man with no legs – no thighs – riding on what seemed to be some sort of skateboard, raced swiftly in front of me and once again,  I thought, “Lord, I have legs. I can walk, run and jump. What is it like to never be able to run or walk?”

Lord, thank you for my legs…You see I have always complained and murmured about my short legs.  

Gratefulness swept over me and this sense of giving thanks for life no matter what has been handed to me dropped into my heart. I want to get REAL. Sometimes, life is all about me! And sometimes I have a problem with negativity. I want to put the best construction on everything,  feel safe to stand in faith and believe for the best no matter what, but many times, my first response is to think the worst. I have always been a “first responder” to negativity rather than the positive. God has been working with me on this area…He is so kind and lovingly disciplines me.

God had something on His heart for me today.

When I woke up this morning, I heard the Lord speak very clearly. (It seems He shouts the loudest just as I am about to wake up.) Today, I actually saw scripture on faith and hope float in front of me and Father began to show me why it is important to speak in faith and live a life of gratefulness. It is not just because it’s good to be positive but the fact is, scripture teaches that life goes better for us when we declare and stand on His word and this agreement gives power to our life.

Immediately, I decided that I was going to begin to think and act in faith and thanksgiving. My words were going to become a flow of positive declarations of God’s Words beginning now (with His help). God was speaking to me about something He wanted to see changed in my life- for my benefit. I started quoting Philippians 4 to myself where Paul talks about how we are to think: “Think on these things that are true, good, lovely, just etc.” That was my first leg of the trip.

As I entered the plane for my second leg, I sat down, buckled myself in and took out the only book that I had decided to bring with me (beside my Bible). It was a book on leadership by Rob Kettering and I had been looking forward to having time to delve into it. I decided to skip the introduction and went right for the juggler – Chapter 1 (I usually look at the end of the book first, then thumb through the introduction with wild anticipation in order to get to the first chapter – so much for long introductions to books – my apologies to all authors). As I began to read, I couldn’t believe how God was using chapter 1 just for me.

Be careful what you complain about, because it might shine a light on your own faults.

People don’t realize the power of negative thinking. Not only does it highlight their faults, it also destroys their enthusiasm”(Rob Kettering). I would like to add that it destroys their JOY.

I realize that Rob is speaking to the people in the back row of the church or organization who complain and never move to the front row and do something, but I found it quite interesting that Father had been speaking to me all day about negative words and he was continuously reminding me throughout my journey what I should think on and what words should flow out of my mouth. Earlier that morning, He had moved me to grab this particular book for my long journey to CA.

You would think after all we went through last year with my husband’s kidney transplant that I would do better and have learned a great lesson, but it remains an upward battle for me to change the way I think and speak. (I have actually grown a lot.) However, it is a battle I intend to win as I look to the author and finisher of my faith. I will not lose this battle but I will pass this test as well.

I had such a precious upbringing – loved and cared for – but it as a child, I adopted some wrong thinking.  Here is an example: If I were hoping for something good to happen, I resolved in my heart that if I thought the worst and then the good happened, I would be pleasantly surprised. (Not good – faith-filled thinking, uh?) It was much safer to think negatively than to take a risk.  I believe that in order to stay away from discouragement, many of us take the route with the least resistance and just don’t hope, that way we are safe from disappointment. Maybe you are thinking even right now, “Why should I believe that it will turn out alright…everything always goes wrong for me?” I have tried it before.

I realize that IF I had taken the road of negativity during my husband’s trial this year, my husband and I would not have passed the kidney test. Standing on God’s word, confessing His truth, and believing what God told us were the beliefs that held us firmly in His grip. I refused to ever allow any negative thoughts to enter my mind during this huge trial, only His promises.  If fear thoughts came, I grabbed them with fervency and threw them back at the enemy – the author of lies.   How could I not believe His Word? How could I stand on any other foundation but Christ the rock as any other foundation would crack and eventually collapse? My foundation would have crumbled “had I not believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (Ps. 91).

The lesson in all of this is that I must live a lifestyle of faith not just when the big trial forces me to but my life must express true joy in whatever circumstance life gives me so that God will get all the glory in my life every day.  My hurting world and sphere of influence need to see me trust God in every situation – good and not so good. They MUST SEE BOLD FAITH and JOY. They must hear words of life flowing from my mouth.

My God lesson and God-thoughts for today: “Julaine – be grateful for everything. Always believe me for the best outcome. Don’t think so much. Don’t criticize when you feel weak. Choose to change the way you think, my daughter. Think the way I think. Think my word. Look at everything from my perspective and trust me for the final outcome. Don’t allow the cares of this world to steal the joy I have given you. There is joy to be found deep inside you no matter what you go through or what you have been handed in life. That joy is deep in your spirit where Christ Himself dwells in every believer. He is the hope of glory. “He is” lives inside you. You just have to look for it in every moment. Today and every day, choose a life filled with God – inspired thoughts and words.

One final thought: When I ask my husband how he is doing, he has always responded for as long as I have known him with these words, “I am doing good but I will get better.”

Today, my friends, choose His Word.  Stand on it!  Believe it! Confess it for your life.

I am getting out of the hole of negativity and I choose today to be a woman full of faith and if you ask me how I am….”I am great with God’s help and I will get even better because Jesus is transforming my life.”

Love you all,




Amazing Time at the RED Conference in Spain

We had an amazing time at the RED conference. So many lives were touched and so many healed and filled with Spirit! Sunday night the prophetic flow of the Spirit moved through the room touching lives in wonderful ways. Yesterday, we took a day of rest and relaxed in a beautiful little city west of Valencia among the beautiful olive trees and exquisite architecture. Today, we rested and sat at a sidewalk cafe for several hours, had lunch with a wonderful friend from Wales, and are now getting ready for service tonight. The weather is so beautiful and the peace here is exhilarating.

We are in Spain!!

The weather is amazing and the excitement for what God has in store is intensifying. Tonight we begin a meeting with pastor’s wives from the city of Valencia. Fire, passion and God’s manifest presence are what we are seeking in the face of Jesus. More to come!!!!