Time for Courage – A New Season A New Day!


I am sitting at my desk, looking out the window and enjoying the sound of the rain as it pours down on the seeds that have laid dormant during the winter. In a month or so, they will bloom.  Isn’t it amusing how each year we anticipate a new season as if we have never experienced its performance before?  It’s as though this is the first curtain call and we are the audience awaiting this year’s new screenplay. Yet, seasons come and go – and come and go – and come and go.

Here I am, over 60 and wondering as many of you, young and old…what in the world does this next season look like?  I know the script has been written because God’s word says that our days are written in the Lamb’s book of life. (Rev. 3:15 & Ps. 139)  My days are numbered and God has already written a great plan for me if I will follow His plan in obedience.  Of course, if I deviate, things may change a bit but still God has a perfect plan for every season of my life.  He is always at work.

Then,  why this uncertainty?  Why this feeling of emptiness?  Many times when we are about to cross over into that next season of life, there is a sense of “I don’t belong here anymore,” or “I don’t have grace for this anymore.”  Personally, I begin to feel a bit agitated and then  I know, God is about to do something great. I am certain that Joshua, as he was about to cross into the promised land, experienced much of the same things we feel.

But God kept saying to him, “Be strong and of good courage.”  That is what I am saying to you, today, my friends.  Be strong and be of good courage as your next season is about to bloom.  It is raining and the ground is getting prepared for your crossover.  When those “feelings come” just tell them to step down and leave you alone.  You are about to enter into a new season…There may be a few giants to kill along the way so get out your sword (God’s Word) and stand strong in the power of HIS might and see the breakthrough begin.

Stand up and be BRAVE… BE COURAGEOUS!

Start looking for your breakthrough BRAVE ONES!

UPDATE:  My husband and George are doing fantastic and we are currently entering into their 8th month since the transplant.   Once again, thank you for all your support and prayers.



Transplant Coming Soon!

10689433_10152415306462303_3592310236224213158_nI was in prayer the morning of Sept. 10, 2015, when I received the phone call stating that my husband was diagnosed with Renal Disease (Kidney failure). I had written in my daily journal earlier that day and felt the Lord say that this would be a year of moving from walking in fear to a year of developing strong faith. When I heard the news, I knew that God was preparing us to trust Him in a way that we had never trusted before. God doesn’t send sickness and disease; however, He will use any circumstance in our life to bring about His grandest purposes. Our 2015-2016 journey began that morning.

One day, I will share many of the words of encouragement that the Father gave me along the way. His voice carried us every day along with the prayers of so many amazing people. The prayers of our praying friends and God’s Word became our safety net holding and propelling us from fear to faith in 2016. We had to trust the One Who knows all things – We couldn’t fix this problem and now trust became part of our daily walk. Each day as I watched my husband get weaker and weaker, go through test after test, do dialysis every night, my faith and trust in God became stronger and stronger. There was nowhere to turn – only the Father could heal my husband. My prayer: brand new kidneys either through a miraculous healing or bring us a donor!

Has it been a difficult journey? Yes…”I would have fainted had I not believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (Ps. 27:13) God’s promises are His covenant with His people. We can trust Him in every storm. Recently, my three-year-old granddaughter stopped what she was doing, looked straight into my eyes and said, “God calms the storm and Elijah saw the cloud.” I was undone. I could hear the Father say that He is calming our storm and that we were to look at the cloud – the answer was coming.


In Sept., 2015 when our son Chad heard the news, he immediately called his closet friend to tell him. Without hesitation, George Kunz replied, “I am giving your dad my kidney.” From that moment on without our knowledge, George began his own journey going through extensive tests beginning in November and ending in July of this year when we received his phone call informing us that he was a match. George would be giving my husband his kidney and he was God’s miracle. We were stunned at this young man’s sacrifice!

George has always been a special part of our family and as a young man, he and my husband would do basketball stats together during the basketball games at Central Christian High School. He was best man at my son’s wedding and a true friend of the family. Who would know that years later, George would be giving my husband such an amazing gift! George currently lives in Phoenix with his wife and two beautiful children.

On August 10, exactly 11 months after God spoke these words to me, George and Dave Christensen will meet in a transplant surgery center here in Omaha and undergo a kidney transplant. God said, “It will be a year of walking from fear to faith.”

This scripture from the Message Bible hangs on my kitchen wall and every day I quote these words: “The Lord is my Shepherd; I lack nothing.”  

Will you pray for George and Dave for a safe and perfect transplant? Pray that Dave’s (Chris) body will receive the kidney and begin to function immediately.  Pray that recovery for both of them will be smooth and without any complications. Please pray for George’s family as they move forward and that the blessings of God will follow them wherever they go.

Thank you so very much for everything and especially for praying. Please never underestimate the power of prayer. It changes everything!

Thank you for praying!!!!!

Dave & Julaine





My True Story: Do You Need A Breakthrough? Read This!

It has been some time since I have updated my readers.  My husband and I are currently living  “a new normal” as some call it.  Our normal since the diagnosis of kidney disease looks very different from one year ago.  Every night involves about 20-30 minutes of getting my husband and his machine ready for home dialysis and each night I thank God for the people who created this machine.  It is has been a miracle in our home.   It is during this process that we begin our nightly prayer declaring his healing, calling those kidneys out of the tomb (John 11) and seeing them resurrected.  Also during this 20 min., we have committed to pray for others who are going through life-altering sicknesses and disease.  We are believing for an outpouring of healing in this next season and we intend to declare it and SEE IT.  



This brings me to what I want to talk about today.  I preached a message a month or so ago at a women’s conference entitled, “God’s Promises Don’t Expire.”  As I read and reread all the promises God has given me concerning my husband’s health, I began to realize how important His promises are to seeing the fullness of healing manifested. My declaration of faith combined with God’s grace brings a supernatural “rest” where I know that I can depend on God to perform His Word.


This is in God’s hands and He always wins.  We must understand that it is not just about healing but believing that His promises are true for every area of our lives.  His promise is a promise and God does not go back on His Word.  In fact, He longs to perform His Word …even show off…even say “I told you so.”  2 Tim 3:16 tells us that all scriptures in the Bible are inspired by God and with that,  we can rest assured that what we learn from the Bible comes directly from our Father.  I love 2 Peter 1:4, “And because of His glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises.  These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.”

I would like to say that this has not been a super easy journey!  Sorry to disappoint my readers but this has probably been one of the most difficult seasons in my life.


If I stay focused on where we currently are in the journey, I find myself sinking.  Now, what does sinking look like?  Well, there are days I don’t feel like laughing or talking – just functioning is enough. There are days that I just pour myself into my work and then I don’t have to think about it.  There are days when I know I should be laying in my prayer closet and worshipping but I just don’t have the energy; But with all that said, I know that God is the strength of my life.

Certainly, I have found that if on those sour days I loudly declare God’s goodness and His promises, something happens inside my spirit that I cannot explain.  It is as if my spirit man listens to my words and acts on them and soon I begin to walk in joy and freedom knowing that God will do what He has promised and no matter the outcome, God is God and He is always good.

Now with our Father, timing is everything.  I don’t understand why he just can’t bring that kidney today or tomorrow.  That part will never make sense to me but scripture is very clear that in this life there will be trials and tribulation.  I heard a man say recently, “Don’t waste your trials.”  That has always been my motto.  If I am going through a season, I want to “milk out of it all that I can.”  There is purpose in everything and I don’t want to “waste my trial.”  This one has been just a bit more complicated and difficult but God will have His way in all of it.

Now, remember that God does not send sickness and disease, but bad things happen.  It is a part of the world we live in. It is how we respond that is important to God. Remember,  God’s promises always see us through.  The Message Bible says that we are to consider it a gift when tests and challenges come at us from all sides.  The Message goes on to say that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely but let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed and not deficient in any way.

We never really know ourselves until we see ourselves under pressure.  Is it not true? When these pressures in life put the squeeze on us, we are like a tube of toothpaste and what is really inside comes to the surface and it is never quite so perfectly white.


Your breakthrough is just a promise away.  It is just that moment when you decide that God is good no matter where you are in life and that you are His first concern. You are first on His list today. You hold first place in His big lap.  You are the apple of His eye and your concerns are His.  HE truly is good and when you can grasp that in every situation, hardship and conflict in life, then you have truly grasped your breakthrough. He will never leave you or forsake you.

Come on,  as we say at the HUB.  When something is good, we cry out, “Come on!”  This is good stuff and it can change your life.

A Turn of Events



My amazing husband!

In August, I remember just going about my usual day when  this thought came to mind.  “This is going to be an unusual year.  Get ready to lay your normal schedule aside.”  It was as if I was being warned ahead of time not to be surprised but to be ready to shift some things in my life.  My assumption, immediately, was that my father, who is 92, was going to need extra care and that I may be spending more time back and forth to SD where he lives. I felt as though I was not to allow this to upset me but to just go with the flow of what would be happening.

IMG_2337Then, on the morning of Sept. 10th,  I walked into my little prayer nook (a space designated just for prayer), sat down and began to worship.  I like to worship for a time and then sit and listen.  On that particular morning in Sept, our life took a turn when I heard  the Lord say, “This family (mine) has been marked by fear but I am about to change that and I am going to shift you from fear to faith.  You will be known for your faith in God and your ability to trust.”  It was several hours later that I received the report that my husband had moved from stage 3 kidney disease (which he has had for several years and is manageable) to stage 5 in a matter of three months. Stage 5 means that he would be facing dialysis and would need a new kidney.

I know that God does not send sickness…I am firm in my faith on that,  but He will use anything in our lives in order to bring Christlikeness.  From that moment on, our lives began to change and our new season was set in motion.  I called and texted everyone I knew to begin praying; I googled everything I could about kidney disease and diet.  The information was overwhelming; the doctor’s appointments mounted up and it was then, that I knew we were definitely moving into a year of the unknown.  During this time, my father also took a turn for the worse and I now had two major life-changing events going at the same time. He loves Rita’s Waterice.

IMG_2450Instead of trying to write everything in one day, I will post periodically as we go through this journey specifically so that I can process what the Lord is saying.  I know one thing is for certain:   We have to take only one day at a time.  I am a futuristic person… It is my nature.  I have never been very good in the moment.  I always have a vision for the future. However, in this season… I have no choice.  God gives us grace for the moment.  My husband and I have grace for the day and we cannot look to tomorrow except with hope that God has all of this in His hands and we are only to TRUST AND OBEY….. There is no other way.  

Will continue to write in a few days.  I want to add that we could not be walking in peace in this storm without the grace of God and the amazing amount of prayer that has been coming our way.  Thank you to all of our friends who are holding our arms and praying us through. You rock this world!  OH, BY THE WAY!   WE ARE STILL BELIEVING FOR OUR MIRACLE!  SO PRAY FOR A MIRACLE KIDNEY!

Our trip to Europe a year & a half ago.  We felt led to do some of our bucket list while ministering in Spain and Italy. 

Thanks for listening and allowing me time to process.  I know there are people who have gone through so much more than I can imagine, but in every journey, we walk holding tightly to Father’s hand as He leads us each step of the way.  Julaine