About Julaine

Julaine Christensen is an author, psalmist, revivalist, and teacher, and she has spent her life serving the body of Christ as a “mother” to the church. Julaine has recorded 6 worship albums and authored a devotional entitled, “Just Me, My Coffee & My Secret Time.” Her pamphlet, “What is Worship Anyway?” has been a favorite to many as it lays out a trusted foundation for worship.

The mission of her apostolic ministry has always been to equip sons and daughters to seek the Kingdom of God through worship, prayer, prophecy, and relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Julaine’s vision is to be a key to opening the door of God’s presence everywhere she goes. She has ministered throughout the United States and in more than 15 countries, seeing countless salvations and miracle healings.

Julaine and her husband Dave, a practicing attorney in Omaha, Nebraska, are founders of Current Fire Ministries and the Omaha HUB. The Omaha HUB is a church and equipping center designed to see sons and daughters develop into uncompromising followers of Christ and thus transform their world.