Why Do I Have to Forgive?

What a great moment in time to renew relationships and to forgive. Forgiveness lets US out of the PRISON of pain. Unforgiveness actually puts bars around our heart and we become bound in a jail of hurt and pain. Jesus wants the keys to your heart through forgiveness and then you – the prisoner – can go free. There is a greater purpose for your life than being locked in a cell. Do you want freedom today? Are you tired of the jail cell of brokenness? Those bars will melt to the ground when you truly forgive those who have hurt you. Forgive and let go!

How do we forgive? Here is a prayer that I pray when I sense my heart is being wounded and I know only forgiveness will bring healing to my own heart.

“Dear Jesus, forgive me for holding on to this offense. I receive your forgiveness and now, today, I choose to forgive _______ for ______________________ (say out loud every pain you feel in this situation). I choose to hold _______ to no debt in my life anymore and I release them in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Jesus, for filling that place with your perfect love and washing over the pain.”

Love your neighbor as yourself. 💕💕

Love, Julaine

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