Let Me Sing You a Song!

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the children of the world.”

Let’s not forget that while the news media screams that we are becoming a divided nation,  Jesus was never divided in His love for us; thus, we must battle the enemy and his lies in order to stay focused on this foundational truth that God loves His children.

As Christ loves, so do we.

We have become so earthly minded here in America that we have lost sight of eternity. Colossians 3:1 speaks about setting our affections on things that are above and not on the earth. The earth draws us and feeds us its delicacies until we are so fat with its delights that we have forgotten our eternal purpose.  Its tasty desserts have become our food rather than the Word of God. Remember that a life of sugar can kill us in the end.  Solid food produces life.

It promotes and parades its lofty ideals until we buy into it believing that truth is represented through the news, advertisements and college professors.  We buy it and eat until we, too, look and act just like the world.  We are no longer separated …Jim Caveziel says it this way: “You weren’t made to fit in.  You were made to stand out.” Currently, we are not standing out but standing in.  We fit in.  We blend in.  We are no different. Fitting in is the trend even in the Christian community. Let’s not upset the cart.  Be careful what you say as you may offend someone – even if you misquote God’s word.

We even try to mold the Word of God into our ungodly way of thinking. We cannot allow the world to shape our values!

The Word of God is our value system.

Romans 12 says that we are not to be conformed to this world.  It actually means that we are not to be molded into its shape.  On my current Facebook chat, I talked about the piece of clay and how it is formed into its designated shape.  When you place a fragment of clay in a pot or wheel, it develops as you work with the lump.   If the potter has design in mind, then that lump of clay will be converted into the potter’s design as he/she uses wet hands to mold it into the projected image.  With a high-speed wheel and much practice, the clay ultimately becomes.

Likewise, if we spend too much time in the world listening to it, walking like it, talking like it, believing it, then we too become molded into its shape and design.

The world molds us.

Our intended God-given purpose becomes roughly anything other than its original intent.  Psalm 139 states that we were formed by God from the beginning of our conception. He has already given us shape but setting our affections on the world will transform our God-given design into the world’s image.

Set your affections (love) on the things above. ABOVE?  Look to the eternal One.  Look to Christ.  He is seated in heaven beside the Father.

Love not the world.  I John 2:15 challenges us with these words: “Do not love the world or anything in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love for the Father is not in them.” We love people no matter where they come from, what they look like or even the choices they have made. But we don’t love the rhetoric of the world and its tactical narrative that would try to persuade us to worship anything other than Christ Jesus.

Does that mean I have to quit living?  No! It just means that we are not to forget who our God is.

If the tasty delights of the world become our God, then we have lost our way.  Time to find our way back to the simple truths.

“Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.”

Come home to Jesus.  Let Him rule and reign in your life.  He loves you so much and so do I.



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