May I Have This Dance?


May I Have This Dance?
Released in 2001

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There is nothing like moving into the throne room of God. Revelation 4 & 5 so beautifully demonstrate to the believer what is awaiting those in the heavenly realm. What a throne room of worship to our Lord! We have tried to capture some of that as we began moving into His presence song after song, seeking to come in closer. During the middle portion of the project we find that place and the hymns of praise begin flowing out of the heart of the worshiper. May it capture your heart and forever change you as you give Him your heart in exchange for His very own. May His Great Exchange - His Life - forever move you closer to Him. Worthy is the Lamb of God who came to the earth to give His life as a ransom for all. I give no one but Him glory for what you hear. May it reflect our hearts of worship as you listen and may it definitely move you to dance with Him. "Let them praise His name in chorus and choir and with the dance..." (Psalm 149)




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